Mindfulness and HypnoBirthing in Romania / Pleine conscience et HypnoNaissance en Roumanie

I am in Timisoara for a couple of weeks and I am teaching what is, as far as I know, the first HypnoBirthing class in this part of the country.

I was interviewed (in Romanian) by my friend and former classmate Ioana Vartosu, MD, who prepares mommies and daddies for their baby’s arrival. The theme was “practical advice for a natural birth”. I took about 40 minutes to say the following, in a nutshell:

1/ Study the physiological process of birth so you can understand how the mother’s body and the baby’s body are perfectly suited for a safe natural birth.

2/ Formulate a birth plan and communicate it.

3/ Understand the importance of having a safe nurturing environment during labour and birth and take steps to secure it.

4/ Teach your mind how to relax using breathing, visualisation and meditation techniques.

5/ Surround yourself with good, positive birth stories.

Oh and there’s a short body scan relaxation around minute 41.


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